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Tune Up Offers

Good Tune-Up


Call today for your bike!


  • Adjust Front and Rear Derailleur… For sweet shifting!

  • Adjust Front and Rear Brakes… So it stops on a dime!

  • Adjust Headset… Steers like churning butter!

  • Adjust Bottom Bracket… Make the pedals spin smooth!

  • Clean and Lube Chain or Replace… Turns your leg power into forward momentum!

  • Pump Tires...We don’t want any pinch flats!

  • Wheel to Wheel Bolt Inspection with printed report

  •  And you’re ready to ride!

  • Bike Cleaning and wheel truing are not included in this package
  • *Parts are not included in the Tune Up Price

Better Tune-Up


What a great bike like

yours should have.

 All that goodness of a GOOD Tune Up &…

  • Wipe Bike Down… We don’t want no scrubs!

  • True Wheels and Rotors… Perfect circles are fast circles!

  • Adjust Hubs… No friction no problems!

  • Install new Cables/Housing… Even less  friction, even less problems!

  • *Cable parts are not included in the Tune Up Price

Best Tune-up


The best transformation

happens here!

  • All the goodness of a Better tune-Up and more!

  • Strip Frame and wax… Oooo Shiny!

  • Clean Drive-train in parts cleaner… More shiny!

  • Replace Brake Pads/Bleed Brakes… Forget about dimes, we stop on pennies!

  • Replace Hub Bearings… No rock, just roll!

  • Replace Bottom Bracket… No more creaky cranks!

  • Replace Headset… Precision steering!

  • Replace Grips/Tape… Feel the power!

  • Replace Tires… Grippin’ and rippin’!

    • *Parts are not included in the Tune Up Price