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A proper bike fit by a knowledgeable, experienced professional is an essential component to healthy, optimized cycling long term. In addition to increasing performance, bike fits can either prevent or remedy overuse injuries.

We base our techniques on time-proven standards in the sport, years of experience with hundreds of athletes in every discipline, and approach each rider’s fit holistically. We have been trained by Andy Pruitt and other leaders in the bike fit industry. We have over 20 years of in-house experience. We offer an outstanding fit with free follow-up to be sure you are happy with how the new fit feels. 

Fittings include but are not limited too:

  • Proper saddle fit
  • Cleat placement
  • Correct Saddle height 
  • Adjustments with handlebar reach and height

Fits begin at 90 minutes and are customized to the rider. 

Cost for fitting is $210.

*Additional bikes are $50 each to adjust to new ideal position

To schedule an appointment please


or call 360-629-6415

Once you have scheduled an appointment with us for a bike fit here is what you need to bring with you to the fit:

  • Please bring your bicycle or bicycles with you. 
  • Wear a comfortable pair of bicycle shorts so that we can see your legs, knees and ankles.
  • The shoes that you ride in.
  • A water bottle to drink from. It's always important to stay hydrated!

What to expect during your fit:

When you arrive we will install your bike onto one of our stationary trainers. We will have you ride the bike on the trainer for a few minutes to get your muscles warmed up. Once warmed up we will go through several measurements of your current riding position and then start to make the changes necessary to reach your perfect fit position. Reminder that the average fit takes about 90mins to complete. Please be prepared to be here for that length of time at a minimum.