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Get To Know The Staff

Ninja Luke

Hello everybody. My name is Luke AKA Ninja bike tech. and my job is to make your bike, and your experience at our shop, the best it can be. I enjoy all kinds of cycling, but given the choice, there is nothing that beats getting some dirt on my mountain bike. After a good ride, or any time for that matter, I love me some good mint chocolate chip ice cream. In the near future there will be much world traveling and first on that list is Argentina. Along my travels I hope to see one of my favorite animals, the platypus. I mean really, can you think of a more unique animal. Well that’s a little about me, come on in and lets talk a little about you and all of your cycling needs.

Griffin Beeston

What up y’all! Griffin is my name, fixing bikes is my game. Camano Island is my home, but I like to roam. Dirt is what I ride, good times is the vibe. Come into the shop and I’ll give ya a high five. When I’m off the bike, catching waves is what I like. Favorite food no doubt, fried chicken is what I’m ‘bout. Put these rhymes aside, let's get outside and ride!





Kristi Berg

Kristi Berg has been riding and racing bicycles since 1994. She specializes in Cyclocross and Mountain Biking but has raced Road, Cross Country and Downhill MTB, and BMX. She has been a Professional Cycling Coach since 2005 and has been instructing indoor cycling classes since 2006.

My favorite type of food is anything with Cheese!!!

She loves working with people to reach their cycling goals at any level. Kristi also has been doing bike fitting since 2005 and her main goal is to help make people more comfortable on their bicycles and learn to love the amazing sport of cycling.


Auriea Moore

Hey there! I'm Auriea, I work support here. I will be the person who will greet you to our shop as you walk through the door and show you around. I love big cats of all kinds and if I could go anywhere I would choose either rugged Alaska or Ireland.

I am a fan of all things seafood!

My type of bike riding consists of mountain and BMX biking. I like to ride the path less traveled with my bike if it means that i get to my destination quicker and I love doing tricks.

Now that you know a little bit about me I look forward to getting to know a little bit about you the next time you come visit Arlington Velo Sport!

Mark Everett

Mark Everett is the Shop owner as well as a mechanic. He started riding a BMX bike at the age of five and is also one of few who are skilled enough to ride a unicycle. Now he enjoys going on his mountain biking and riding on the Centennial trail with the family! Other interests that Mark has are cars and volleyball. Mark has lived all over the northwest, Boise, Idaho, Grants Pass, Oregon, and Stanwood, Washington. He now lives in Mt. Vernon, Washington with his wife Rochelle. They have three kids, Logan, Leila, and Landon!

Rochelle Everett

Rochelle is the wife of Mark and Co-owner. She is a stay at home mom raising their three kids! Rochelle started riding bikes back in 2000. She enjoys riding on the Centennial Trail with the family and friends!