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Get To Know The Staff

Ninja Luke

Hello everybody. My name is Luke AKA Ninja bike tech. and my job is to make your bike, and your experience at our shop, the best it can be. I enjoy all kinds of cycling, but given the choice, there is nothing that beats getting some dirt on my mountain bike. After a good ride, or any time for that matter, I love me some good mint chocolate chip ice cream. In the near future there will be much world traveling and first on that list is Argentina. Along my travels I hope to see one of my favorite animals, the platypus. I mean really, can you think of a more unique animal. Well that’s a little about me, come on in and lets talk a little about you and all of your cycling needs.


Hello! My name is Theo! I'm from Juneau, Alaska, but I grew up in Hong Kong! My job here at Arlington Velo is to bring you smiles and fix your bike in a little while. I love working on all bikes, but my favorite has to be e-bikes! In my free time I enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding, audio engineering and I'm the singer and one of the guitar players for my and applecore! I'm currently working on learning how to become a business owner, and on the side I am studying Mandarin Chinese!


Hey folks, my name is Kailin! I am our retail merchandiser, that means its my job to provide excellent product merchandising and customer service. I'm new to the bike world but taking a casual ride on some of the local trails is a favorite hobby of mine. My favorite animal is probably a duck, their jokes always quack me up! One place I'd love to travel to is Ireland,  I would love to explore the towns and learn the history those towns hold. Visit the bike shop and say hi! I'm here to help guide you through our store and if you have any questions I'll make sure to pair you with the technician best fit for your personal needs!


Hi guys, My name is Cash! My job here is guest experience assistant! That means that all of our customers experiences are my top priority and making sure our service is up to expectations. My riding started when I was just a kid on a BMX bike, through all these years and through working here it's widened my horizon to all the awesome kinds of riding out there and I've began to do mountain biking! The ultimate snack to me is Cajun fries, they're fiery just like me. One of my favorite animals is a cat, I love their independent nature. You can come visit me here on Fridays or Sundays, I'll do my best to start your weekend or start your week off right and with a smile!

Mark Everett

Mark Everett is the Shop owner. He started riding a BMX bike at the age of five and is also one of few who are skilled enough to ride a unicycle. Now he enjoys going on mountain bike rides with friends and family! Mark is a fruit and nut kind of person with a side of Ice cream is always a bonus! Mark has lived all over the northwest, Boise, Idaho, Grants Pass, Oregon, and Stanwood, Washington. He now lives in Colville, Washington with his wife Rochelle. They have three kids, Logan , Leila, and Landon! Mark works remote some of the time and is in the shop Sunday- Tuesday!