What a sale!!!

Come see us and check out all of the bikes that are currently 30% off! Spring is right around the corner, let's get you started with a new bike this year.

Tuesday Night Clinics

Don't get stranded on the trailside, come join us for our clinics where we will teach you how to make basic repairs and adjustments to help you get back home from any ride.

Sunday MTB & Road Rides

We don't just sell bike and trikes, we also ride them! We have Sunday morning MTB rides and then during the day, we have road rides led by Tony Connell. If you're interested in some gravel rides, let us know and we will see what we can do!

Sunday Tent Sales

EVERY SUNDAY, NOW THROUGH FEBRUARY! Don't miss out on this opportunity to save on bikes, parts, accessories and more! Each week there is something different under the tent so keep checking back to see what may be included in the sale!

Brake Pads. Should you replace yours?

Brake pads wear out, resulting in loss of stopping power and control of your bike or trike. Luckily, these can easily be replaced and/or changed out. If you aren't sure what pads you need don't worry, we will help get you sorted out and on your way as soon as possible. 

When riding in the wet months (basically year round in Washington), grime from the roads or trails can get into your brake pads and cause them to wear at a faster rate. A key to maintaining longer wear life is keep your brakes clean. After riding on wet trails, it may be worth it to spray them off with a hose if you are able to. 

Click here for something to help you on your cycling journey.

Stolen Casino


We have BMX bikes in store!

Check out the  WeThePeople and Stolen brand BMX bikes that we have in stock.

Contact us for more information or come in to the store to see if one of these is for you.

WeThePeople Nova


Trade in up program as kids grow

Bicycle tune up Tune-up repair flat fix overhaul

bicycle pick up and delivery service

emergency bike repair