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Catrike Road AR
$3,150.00 - $3,175.00
The road AR is a vibrant and efficient machine. A progressive linkage air s...
Catrike Dumont
$4,150.00 - $4,175.00
Catrike’s 16 years of engineering and experience have come together to crea...
Catrike 5.5.9
$3,150.00 - $3,175.00
Classic comfort combined with long distance performance, the 5.5.9 is the b...
Catrike Trail
$2,950.00 - $2,975.00
At the heart of the Trail, there are features and design that makes this Ca...
Catrike Pocket
The Pocket is a compact space frame that offers all the features of our Exp...
Catrike handmade in Florida made in USA
Blue catrike recumbent bike