Cycling Education & Clinics at Arlington Velo Sport

Below you will find upcoming dates of classes and clinics that we have to help you with your cycling adventures.


Tuesday October 22nd

HOW TO: Adjusting your chain and derailleur


Cost: $20 (includes free gift)

6 spots available

RSVP's only, call 360-629-6415 to reserve your spot

Learn how to make trail side adjustments to your chain and derailleur so that you can continue your ride if something were to happen to where your bike is no longer shifting how it is supposed to. We will be teaching you how to make quick and simple adjustments as well as how to break a chain and reconnect it using a quicklink. 

This will be a hands on class where you will be learning on one of our bikes in the store. Don't worry, it will be the same process to make adjustments on your bike at home. 

The derailleur is the shifting mechanism that moves the chain to where it needs to be on the rear cog/gears.

*20% off in-store purchases during the clinic


Tuesday October 29th

How To: Cleaning your bike to have it work better for longer


Cost: Free

6 spots available

RSVP's only, call 360-629-6415 to reserve your spot

In this clinic, we will be focusing on the basics of cleaning your bicycle in order to keep it operating as it should. This will be a hands on clinic, so be sure to bring your own dirty bike to learn with. 

Dirt, road grime, and other debris that can be picked up over time can wreak havoc on your drivetrain, brakes, and other components. A few minutes after every ride, or even every couple of rides can extend the life of your chain, derailleur, gears, brake pads, etc.  

*20% off in-store purchases during the clinic

Past clinics held at Arlington Velo Sport

Below you can read about different clinics that we have put on. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or let us know if you would like to attend a clinic.


HOW TO: Fix a flat tire with a tube.

This was a great hands on clinic where the customers brought their own wheel in to learn how to install a new tube in your wheel. 
If you missed this clinic and would like some information on how to change a flat tire out on the trail side, contact us or you can click here and read this article.



HOW TO: Tubeless conversion


Going tubeless can be a great improvement to ride quality for many riders. Tubeless allows you to be able to run lower tire pressures for extra traction as well as saving weight due to not having a tube in your wheel.  It can also provide extra protection against flat tires as small punctures are generally sealed with sealant inside the tire. 

Feel free to ask us about more information if going tubeless is something you are interested in.